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These one-percenters

deserve exactly who's coming for them.

show art by priya huq

After a fateful meeting abroad, the enigmatic Count of Monte Cristo arrives in Paris. Mysterious and tragic happenings quickly follow - threatening the Parisian upper class in unimaginable ways. As star-crossed lovers, scheming sycophants, and ambitious criminals strive for what they think they deserve, questions arise about Paris’ new, fabulously wealthy resident. Not just about why the Count of Monte Cristo has come to Paris, but about the secrets that lurk behind his inscrutable facade.


Directed by Chloe Wilson and adapted from Alexandre Dumas’ literary classic, The Count of Monte Cristo’s epic tale of revenge is retold as a fiction podcast with a focus on its one-percenters, scheming social climbers, and the redemptive power of hope.


2024 Women

in Podcasting

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The Count of Monte Cristo / Edmond Dantès

Abbé Faria

Albert de Morcerf

Andrea Cavalcanti

Baron Danglars






Eugénie Danglars

Fernand de Morcerf

Franz d'Epinay


Julie Morrel

Lucien Debray

Luigi Vampa

Madame Danglars

Madame de Villefort

Maximilian Morrel



Pierre Morrel

Valentine de Villefort


Keith Klein

D.E. Moore

Mauricio Rivero Borrell

Christian Leadley

Jason Webb

Chris Wells

Colin Wyatt

James Brautigam

Dinesh Alvis

Sushant Adlakha

Vanessa Benoit

Philip Emeott

Marcus Jahn

Alex Sarrigeorgiou

Isabel Kruse

David Magadan

Jack Douglas

Sheree Wichard

Anne Barschall

Kevin Coxaj

Alison Wien

Shawn Gray

Louis DiPilla

Rebecca Wei Hsieh

Akil Wingate

Additional Voices

Brandon Laurence, Dorienne Dreadful, Doug Bartling Jr. (The VO Quadfather), Jeremy Cohen, Josh Putnam, Rich Greene, Sierra Doss, Steven Varnum, Thomas Daniels


Production Coordination by

Editing by

Sound Design by


Original Theme Composition and Production by

Guitar Performance, Additional Production and Mixing by

Viola Performance by

Show Art by

Show Photography by

Will Oncheso

Shawn Gray

Rob Gal

Drew Nichols

Jakob Reinhardt

Molly Goldman

Priya Huq

Deborah Moscoso

"The Count of Monte Cristo" was recorded at Mansion Studios in Brooklyn, New York..

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photos by deborah moscoso

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